We employ traditional European smoking methods combined with the use of the latest technology. So our product is completely natural with no colouring or preservative added; just plain eel, salt and smoke.

A source of health that contains a high concentration of Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as a large quantity of vitamins D3, E and C. These features make it a delicious product for a very healthy diet.

To enjoy the flavour we recommend serving at room temperature. A new world of culinary possibilities to discover and so easy as open n packnge and eat.

Highest quality and preservation l¡fe is assured by the vacuum packaging system.



Natural and delicious product for the most traditional cookery cultures. The fish is presented gut free, head off and without skin in a practica¡ vacuum package for two people or bigger for restaurants.


We also serve live eel from our growing facilities. Commercial size for the market and smaller sizes for restocking.


Being experts on this business, we serve carefully selected ¡¡ve glass eel for aquaculture.


Exclusive product. Vast experience for three generations. We offer fresh product w season nnd firozen during all the year.