Angulas y Mariscos Boulevard stands for the label of a company with a vast experience in selecting and processing elver. Ours is the third generation of a family who dedicates itself to elver. It was the first generation who very successfully distributed and made known the famous natural baby eels of Aguinaga, the first quality reference for this type of food on a national scale.

Elver was naturally the species we chose when we decided to engage in aquaculture. Yet, there is one distinctive feature to be highlighted here, which makes the difference. From the first phase of the process - that is, fishing for elver in the river - to the last stage, namely marketing the elaborated product all is done by the company itself within an integrated process.

It is only through a strict control at all the stages of the production cycle made in-house that it is possible to offer top quality and maximum guarantee. After a careful selection of the raw
material - elver - the next step consists in rearing and fattening the fish in our own facilities. Here, the quality of water and feed as well as the raising patterns and schedules are subject to our
extreme care. Later on, another decisive factor will be the time from slaughtering to smoking, which will always be reduced to a minimum. And this ensures maximum freshness of healthy and
tasty food.







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